Palazzo Tolomei Residenza d'Epoca Firenze

   Historical Residence


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Free Tuscan Dinner

A delicious gastronomic experience offered free of charge to our guests: Each evening, at 8:00 pm, we serve a fixed menu Tuscan dinner, with traditional as well as innovative dishes, served in a romantic, candlelit room. The three-course dinner is simple and genuine:
A first course with ingredients in season
A second meat or vegetable course, according to the fantasy of the cook
A sweet and romantic dessert to close the evening in style
Each day the courses are different, to allow our guests to become acquainted with the great variety of the Tuscan cuisine. Each evening we hope to tempt your taste buds with a new surprise. Dinner is entirely free (including a bottle of water). Other drinks (wine and spirits) are not included and can be paid apart.

Superior Rooms

These beautiful rooms have conserved the romantic atmosphere of the Baroque period. Some have the coffered ceiling typical of the 1600's and the floors in original Florentine terracotta still amaze today with their unalterable elegance.

Antique charms blend in perfect harmony with the contemporary furnishings;white, silver, gold, crystals, porcelains, goblets, candelabras, mirrors. Refinement and luxury dominate the rooms. Every detail brings to mind the aristocratic origins of the Palazzo, while the well being of the guests is guaranteed thanks to the most modern of comforts.

The ample size of the rooms also offers great amenities: some of the rooms have a small and elegant cooking area, very convenient especially for longer stays. Other rooms have a lovely living room space where an inviting white sofa beckons for moments of relaxation after days full of art and beauty.

All of the rooms have a large table with trays of sweets which welcome the guests, creating a pleasant and hospitable atmosphere.

Palazzo Tolomei - Rooms and Suites - Superior Rooms Palazzo Tolomei - Rooms and Suites - Superior Rooms Palazzo Tolomei - Rooms and Suites - Superior Rooms Palazzo Tolomei - Rooms and Suites - Superior Rooms