Palazzo Tolomei Residenza d'Epoca Firenze

   Historical Residence


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Free Tuscan Dinner

A delicious gastronomic experience offered free of charge to our guests: Each evening, at 8:00 pm, we serve a fixed menu Tuscan dinner, with traditional as well as innovative dishes, served in a romantic, candlelit room. The three-course dinner is simple and genuine:
A first course with ingredients in season
A second meat or vegetable course, according to the fantasy of the cook
A sweet and romantic dessert to close the evening in style
Each day the courses are different, to allow our guests to become acquainted with the great variety of the Tuscan cuisine. Each evening we hope to tempt your taste buds with a new surprise. Dinner is entirely free (including a bottle of water). Other drinks (wine and spirits) are not included and can be paid apart.

Luxury Gold Suite

This marvelous and prestigious Suite (140 sqm) takes it name from the exquisite 1700's salon, the Gold Salon, perfectly conserved and decorated in gold and yellow, enriched with frescoes, stuccoes, wall paper, pink marble, fireplaces, porcelain, crystals and mirrors.

It is not easy to describe the sensation which envelopes the guest as soon as she/he walks through the door of this almost magical place; the most intimate area of the "piano nobile" of the Palazzo, that special place dedicated to luxury and pleasure. The spacious and rich bedroom testifies to this vocation: all of the senses are involved with the white of the linens, the gold of the mirrors, and the splendid frescoes.

Moments of pure relaxation are ensured by the double jacuzzi, a modern and appreciated touch in such antique surroundings. Another surprise which awaits the guests is the "Cariatidi Alcove" a private and intimate space in Venetian style with its large bed and draperies in red and gold velvet.

Very welcome are the modern comforts: air conditioning, satellite television, DVD player, safe box, mini bar, plush dressing robes, courtesy soaps personalized with the magic ingredient of Tuscan Olive Oil, wonderful on the skin and with a very fresh profume.

Porcelain and crystal trays complete the guest table who will always find wine and sweet surprises upon arrival.

For coffee lovers, the Nespresso machine is in the room with a selection of delicious types of coffee.

Palazzo Tolomei - Suite and Rooms - Luxury Gold Suite Palazzo Tolomei - Suite and Rooms - Luxury Gold Suite Palazzo Tolomei - Suite and Rooms - Luxury Gold Suite Palazzo Tolomei - Suite and Rooms - Luxury Gold Suite